In Dahab, when you’re not diving, you can also enjoy very nice excursions around. As a dive center, we do not organize such trips but there are many local safaris operators who can take you on a nice trip around. Check your travel agency or ask us when you are here and we will try to point you to the right person.

Here are some of the most favorite destinations…

The colored Canyon, the white Canyon.

Leave Dahab by jeep through the rugged mountain terrain. Upon arrival, a guide will lead you through some of the many walkways where you can admire the superb array of colors and shapes.

The oasis of Ain Khudra

Discover what is considered the most spectacular oasis in Sinai, Ain Khudra. You'll have the opportunity to explore its many varieties of palm trees, shrubs and springs of fresh mountain water. Relax and enjoy your Bedouin cooked lunch and slowly make it back to Dahab.

Mount Sinai & Monastery of Saint-Catherine

Leave Dahab at night to Mount Sinai. Follow the trail up to the top and experience an impressive sunrise at the summit. If you have the opportunity, do it a night of full moon and enjoy the majestic sight of the sun facing the moon. There, it is said that God delivered the Ten Commandments to Moses. After this you will descent to visit St. Catherine Monastery.

The mangrove

Within NABQ National Park lies a coastline of 5 km of mangrove forest. This mangrove is composed of one very fragile species of tree, Avicennia marina. Mangrove forests play an important role in shoreline protection and are vital as fish breeding and nursery areas. They also support a large resident bird population, as well as providing a rest stop for migratory birds. Spend most of the day in a completely virgin environment and enjoy a typical Bedouin lunch…