Sinai: Land of discovery. The route to the Promised Land; where Isis sought Osiris and the Pharaohs found gold. Where Moses witnessed the burning bush and Bedouins camped by Crusader forts. A meeting point for three great religions, at the crossroads of Africa and Asia. After 8,000 years at the heart of history, experience a land of continuing contrasts.

Sinai - by its geographical location - is the junction between Asia and Africa. It is an inverted triangle, with the base stretching between Rafah and Port Said, in the North, and the apex being Ras Mohammed National Park, in the South. This prominent and strategic position of the Sinai Peninsula has made it the gateway to Egypt from the East. Sinai’s history goes back to the Pharaohs who explored its land, searching for gold, copper and turquoise. Thus, it came to be known as the Land of Turquoise.

Sinai: Where rock meets coral reef and the desert stops at the sea and where the grandeur of granite meets the golden beaches of the “Red Sea Riviera”. Tropical fish, exquisite corals, spectacular sunsets and clear nights with a million stars.

Sinai is rich in scenery. Along the Gulf of Aqaba, soft golden sands surround bays of clear blue water rich with rare marine life and superb coral reefs. Sweet water springs are scattered throughout Sinai. In the south, the towering mountains with their beautiful reddish colored rocks are surrounded by huge valleys leading to the Holy Mountain.