The Red Sea & DAHAB

The Red Sea is a geological huge rift valley that extends down between Africa and the Arabic Peninsula. Though linked to the Indian Ocean, it is mainly a confined sea with many endemic species and the highest salinity level in the world (except of course the Dead Sea).

The underwater scenery is dramatic with steep drops, valleys and canyons.

If you already came to the Red Sea, you know that diving is made essentially by boat, the reef table being usually impassable from the shore. DAHAB is singular since most of the diving is shore diving, and is easily accessed by taking a pick-up truck to the beaches stretching in either direction.

Some of the superb dive and snorkeling sites nearby include the Blue Hole, one of the best in the Sinai region, and the Canyon, but only TEC-divers are allowed to dive the deeper sections of such formations. The Islands, with their coral labyrinth, are also a wonder… Each site has its own unique personality.

The daytime fauna and flora are abundant, vivid and colorful. Nightlife is also rich. Both will definitely seduce the most adventurous and, of course, the underwater photographers and videographers.